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NeBORN is a start-up. The objective: create and commercialize solutions (kit) to convert used petrol and diesel vehicles into EVs (Electrical vehicles). The first market will be France; however, NeBORN aims to be a European player.

We develop kits that comply with strict specifications and are:


You drop off your car on Monday and get it back, converted into EV on Friday. That is as simple as that or as easy as leaving it for scheduled maintenance.


The kit and its installation cost 15000 euros. Batteries are rented to preserve your opportunity to benefit from technological advances.

If you are eligible to state aids, these should be deducted from the overall cost.


By recycling your car, you save more than 10 tons of CO2. It is environmentally friendly to do so, and it has a positive impact on climate change.


We install a virtuous economy by selecting local craftsperson and ensuring them a just remuneration, using a local distribution channel.


NeBORN’s kit provides a relevant answer to mobility’s challenges, especially in Low Emission Zone or Zero Emission Zone.

It offers a competitive cost/benefits ratio in economic and ecological terms.


By choosing NeBORN, you support an economic model sustainable and responsible. It is nowadays your best warranty for your investment durability.

NeBORN in some key figures


Partners covering all main domains, technical,  legal, and commercial


Years of development


Market of 22 M cars

Objective of 60 000 kits installed

The Retrofit, the good answer

From 2024, petrol vehicles will not have access to French biggest cities for political and ecological reasons.

NeBORN proposes a sustainable and economical solution to preserve your capacity to move in an urban environment.

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